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Since our founding in June of 2020, BLM RI PAC has been at the forefront of racial equity and justice activism. The tragic loss of George Floyd in 2020, sent waves around the country and sparked to life many organizations such as ourselves. That moment in time was the catalyst to years of work BLM RI PAC has been doing to make meaningful legislative change. Over the last three years, BLM RI PAC has been working to build bridges with elected officials in the state house and across the state, to make change. We are the premier activist group when it comes to working in a bipartisan fashion, to make meaningful gains in racial justice in our state.
Our organization is knocking on doors, supporting candidates who resonate with our mission. We’ve raised tens of thousands of dollars for those candidates, and have spent countless hours organizing public protests and demonstrations, to rally against racial injustices across our state and country. What started as a few dozen kids making themselves heard on issues of race via public demonstration, has blossomed into an organization that is epitome of a grassroots movement with a plan to fight the systematic disenfranchisement of our fellow brothers and sisters of color. The path to racial justice is a long and treacherous journey, yet we prevail and lead the path to a better Rhode Island for all!


children provided with healthcare


dollars raised in support of racial equality bills


candidates endorsed and elected
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our endorsed candidates

David Morales
State Representative District 7
Geena Pham
Rhode Island State Senate District 3
Brianna Henries
State Representative District 64
Jennifer Rourke
State Senate District 29
Tiara Mack
Rhode Island State Senate District 6


We have the chance to build the political power over the issues that impact us the most. Our friends and supporters are the heart and soul of BLM RI PAC and we need you to stand with us now more than ever. Your support will help change the nation so that our elected and policies are reflective of the values and needs of its people.


Get involved in the fight for racial justice and equality by volunteering with a Black Lives Matter organization near you. Your time and effort can help create lasting change and make a real difference in the lives of those affected by systemic racism.


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