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Voting in Rhode Island elections is extremely important for shaping the future of our state. It's more than a mere checkbox; it's a vital tool that empowers you to shape the world around you.

Before embarking on the journey of enacting one of your most fundamental civic rights, take a moment to explore the information found on this page to ensure a you have all the information you need for a smooth voting experience.

Register to Vote

To register to vote in Rhode Island, you must meet the following requirements:

- Be a resident of Rhode Island.
- Be a U.S. citizen.
- Be at least 18 years old by Election Day.
- Not be incarcerated due to a felony conviction.
- Have a RI Driver's License or RI State ID

You can register to vote online, by mail, or in person.
Register online:

Register by mail: download and print the form found at  and mail to your local board of canvassers (address for your town found on last page of form).

Apply for Mail-In Ballot

To vote by Mail-In Ballot, go to

Find your polling place

Go to the Rhode Island Board of Elections website at

The website will display your polling place, including the name and address of the polling location, as well as a map and directions to the location. Make note of the location and plan to go there on Election Day to cast your vote. If you have any trouble finding your polling place or have any other questions about voting in Rhode Island, you can contact the Rhode Island Board of Elections at (401) 222-2345 or by email at

Find your elected officials

To find your elected officials go to this website:

To use the search engine, simply go to the Secretary of State's website and click on the "Find My Elected Officials" link. Then, enter your street address, city, and state, and the search engine will display a list of your elected officials, including your U.S. Senators and Representatives, state legislators, governor, and local officials such as your mayor or town council members. You can use this information to contact your elected officials and voice your opinions or concerns on issues that are important to you.


We have the chance to build the political power over the issues that impact us the most. Our friends and supporters are the heart and soul of BLM RI PAC and we need you to stand with us now more than ever. Your support will help change the nation so that our elected and policies are reflective of the values and needs of its people.


Get involved in the fight for racial justice and equality by volunteering with a Black Lives Matter organization near you. Your time and effort can help create lasting change and make a real difference in the lives of those affected by systemic racism.


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